The parking meter system in operation in the streets of Killarney and car parks  is to be replaced by more modern technology. This will enable motorists to pay by text message or credit card.

The area engineer Mr John Ahern , said the new parking meters would all be integrated through a microchip system and it is hoped with the use of credit cards, the amount of cash being taken in will be reduced.

This is a welcome move for our town as many people were getting frustrated with putting money in to machines and no tickets being dispensed and  this is fantastic news for those who did not intend to stay so long,they can now pay for extended parking without having to go back to where there vehicle was parked.

Killarney Municipal District Council is keeping its options open in terms of what system to acquire and software being used by other authorities is being assessed. of course the best way to see Killarney is to leave your car at home and travel with us Sage taxis , if you require a taxi , feel free to contact us.