• 4th Jun
    Electric vehicles in Ireland

    The Green Revolution: How Ireland’s Taxis Are Adopting Electric Vehicles In recent years, Ireland has undertaken a goal to minimize its carbon footprint and battle climate change. A major component of this endeavor is the transition of its transportati …

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    electric car
  • 11th Mar
    St Patricks Day

    St. Patrick’s Day in Killarney 2024 Introduction: Prepare for a day of fun, laughter, and everything Irish as we commemorate St. Patrick’s Day in the beautiful town of Killarney! Join us as we immerse ourselves in the excitement and joy that surrounds …

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    shot glasses that say st patricks day on them
  • 8th Feb
    Valentines day in Killarney

    Introduction: Valentines day in Killarney: Couples all throughout the world are looking for the ideal location to express their love as Valentine’s Day approaches. The inviting town of Killarney is  in Kerry, and is a wonderful destination for an incre …

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    A love heart with happy valentines day under neath
  • 7th Dec
    Christmas in Killarney

    The Enchanting Charm of Killarney in Winter: Imagine the charming town of Killarney in County Kerry transformed into a winter paradise by the cold, breezy streets. Here, Christmas is all about warmth, tradition, and a joyous mood that surrounds every n …

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    christmas in killarney 2023
  • 11th Jul
    The Rose of Tralee

    The Rose of Tralee: A never forgotten Kerry tradition. Introduction: Tralee is a town that values both tradition and modernity. It is well known for its  history, beautiful surroundings, and kind people. The annual Rose of Tralee Festival is the best o …

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    Rose of Tralee
  • 26th Jun
    Skate Park in Killarney

    Calling all skateboarders and thrill seekers! The much-awaited skate park at the Killarney Sports and Leisure Centre is about to open, which is exciting news for the town of Killarney. This skate park has the potential to become a center for local skat …

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    Skate Park in Venice Beach
  • 19th Jun
    4th of July

    Killarney, the town where American pride meets Irish charm. On July 4th, Killarney comes alive with celebrations that exemplify both countries. We’ll walk you through the colorful festivities and enchanted encounters that await you in Killarney on this …

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    Killarney 4th of july celebrations
  • 2nd May
    Rally of the Lakes

    One of Ireland’s most eagerly awaited motorsports events is the Rally of the Lakes. The rally, which takes place in Killarney, draws participants and spectators from all over the world. Drivers compete in fast races around the breathtaking Killarney La …

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    a photo of a rally car racing in the rally of the lakes.
  • 14th Apr
    INEC welcomes Lisa Mchugh

    Tuesday the 18th of April the INEC welcomes Lisa Mchugh. This event is perfect for you if you enjoy country music or are looking for something new. It is guaranteed that this will be a night to remember. For those of you who are not familiar with Lisa …

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    This image shows who Lisa Mchugh is to people who do not know
  • 20th Mar
    Easter in Killarney

    Easter in Killarney is nearly upon us and if you want to experience everything that Easter has to offer, Killarney is the ideal location.The best spot to spend your Easter break is in our beautiful town. There is something in Killarney for everyone, wh …

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