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Derrycunnihy church on Sage Taxis Ring of Kerry Tour

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Iconic derelict house in Derrycunnihy on Sage Taxis Ring of Kerry Tour

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Beautiful views of Moll’s Gap on Sage Taxis Ring of Kerry Tour

killarney taxi, taxi killarney

Avoca Store and Cafe on Sage Taxis Ring of Kerry Tour

killarney taxi, taxi killarney

lonely tree at Moll’s Gap on Sage Taxis Ring of Kerry Tour




Next up on our list of must see places along the Ring of Kerry is ;


Famous for a few different reasons but this world famous stretch of road is one of the best stages of the Rally of the Lakes and the old circuit of Ireland Rally. Moll’s gap is so well known it is even going digital in a new rally simulator game that will be available to to gaming and rally fans all over the world soon.



Moll’s gap is named after Moll Kissane who ran a Shebeen ( unlicensed pub) in the 1820’s while the road was under construction. Old Sandstone rocks at Moll’s Gap were laid over 350 million years ago.

Like the nearby Gap of Dunloe, Moll’s Gap is an example of a “glacial breach”, where a 500 metre deep glacier in the Black Valley broke through Moll’s Gap 25,000 years ago during Ireland’s last ice age.
The scenery at one of Irelands top tourist attractions is breathtaking and on a fine clear day you will see incredible views of the Macgillicuddy Reeks mountain range.


There is something so special about this church, its a photographer’s dream to photograph, it tells its own story .It is known locally as the setting of one of the most famous ghost stories in Killarney, many years ago a young girl died, dressed in white, she was knocked off her bike while passing the church on her way home. According to local lore she is still seen to this day , still trying to make her way home. She can be seen walking the ground s at night , legend has it that many people driving past have seen her in the back of their cars and as soon as they pass the girls house the tortured soul vanishes. The church is certainly a must see .



Located 1 km from the church is Derrycunnihy Falls, this is a true hidden gem. It is one of the best water attractions in Kerry. From the moment you step foot on the trail you can hear the powerful cascades . After just 1 km you will reach the majestic sight that is Derrycunnihy Falls, be sure to bring your camera as this is a sight to behold.

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