Killarney  Racecourse proudly boasts the title of the most scenic Racecourse in Ireland ,as it sits in the heart of the most beautiful town (I may be biased )in Ireland – Killarney. With this location nestled in the backdrop of the Killarney National Park the McGillicuddy reeks and the majestic lakes of Killarney.

History of Killarney races

Killarney has a long history in racing,The first racing recorded was in 1822. The present racecourse celebrated eighty years of racing in 2016. Killarney hosts 11 days of racing over three summer festivals in May, July and August.

This years racing festival takes place from the 15th to 19th of July with ladies day, the staple of every racing festival. Ladies in their droves in the most beautiful hats and outfits compete for the title of best dressed.The history of the elaborate hats dates back to the early 18th century at ascot racecourse, where the Royal enclosure is and was the top place to be but entry requires a strict dress code. This meant morning dress with the top hat and for ladies it meant being “decently covered “ with a day dress and a compulsory hat. This tradition has remained down through the years and is the highlight of the social calendar. With wonderful prizes for best dressed, go on get your hat.